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Friday, 12 July 2013

Cleaning the Courtyard

Today started strangely misty, with the distant moan of foghorns from ships moving in the Sound of Mull, so the archaeologists took their break in the moat, sitting on the remains of the doorway destroyed in 1644 - Philippo Peritone at left, Lara Ferrarotti, Tom Addyman and Ross Cameron at right.  Last night Tom gave an a excellent talk on the Mingary excavation to some twenty-five people at the Kilchoan Learning Centre.  With this talk 'sold out' within a few minutes of being advertised, another is being arranged in a week or two.

The active excavation of the courtyard has now become a cleaning operation as the area is prepared for a series of detailed photographs from above.  The picture shows Daniel Wood tidying up the cobbled area in the kitchen range.

More horseshoes were found there, along with odd bits of metal, all of which add to the idea that, after its original use as a kitchen, this room may have been used either to stable horses or by a farrier.  However, the lengths of metal in this picture are more difficult to interpret.

Ross Cameron continues his work in the room next to the well, which is now looking very tidy.  More pottery was found to add to Wednesday's spectacular find.  His last task is to dig deeper into the well itself, firstly to find out how it worked, but also in the hope that he might find some interesting artefacts down it.

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