The Mingary Castle restoration blog was written by Jon Haylett, who lives in the local village of Kilchoan. Now that restoration is almost complete Holly and Chris Bull will take over to report on bringing the Castle back to life.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Raising a Family

Despite all the noise, a pair of thrushes are still in residence trying to raise a family.  Their nest is somewhere in the rocks at the top of the battlements, so the nestlings have a good view of the goings-on below.


  1. Fascinating stuff! Would never have guessed about the big pit in the courtyard! Tom is generous with his ice lollies :)
    I think your thrush might be a rock pipit (if it has dark legs) or possibly a meadow pipit (if they're pinkish.
    Say hello to everyone from me!
    Dave H (bone man)

  2. Hi Dave - sorry I didn't reply earlier but Google Blogger has been playing up again.
    Yes, it's a rock pipit not a thrush, mea culpa. It's good to see you have other interests than bones.
    Do we see you out here again in the near future?

  3. Hi Jon
    My interests, in no particular order, might be described as birds, bones and beer! ;)
    Good to see the well-room being dealt with. Looks rich in finds.
    I might come up for a few days' holiday next month, to show my wife the beauties of the peninsula, hope to see you then.